Government & Security

Government & security includes all activities in the areas of Military, Defense, Aerospace and Public Security. Challenges like big data bandwidths and strict security requirements have to be mastered. At the same time the hardware platform has to be easy in handling: size, weight and access.

proFPGA HPC meets these high challenges in relation to a minimum weight, small size and best accessibility and still offers a best-in-class performance.

PRO DESIGN’s hardware platform especially fulfils the needs of applications in High Performance Computing and Network.

The field of public security is supported by the system as well. Cyber and communication security can be ensured with the high-speed parallel processing power of FPGAs.

Sample applications:

  • Video and audio surveillance, data mining and analysis, and threat monitoring
  • Pattern matching and image analysis for target recognition
  • Climate modeling, nuclear waste simulation, warfare modeling and fraud analysis

HPC Products Overview