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As autonomous driving is becoming more and more reality/serious, the industry started using FPGAs for simulation and analyzing purposes to improve the security and efficiency of the driver...

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Biology & Medical

The biology & medical markets aspire towards lower costs for patients, earlier prognoses of diseases and quick evaluations and interpretations of genomic databases and fingerprints...

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Data Center

High-speed data processing and low latency connections are the challenges, which have to be met. The technology of this market is constantly changing...

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Financial Services

In the High Frequency Trading (HFT) sector, orders have to be executed within microseconds, the application requires an ultra-low latency...

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Film - Media - Entertainment

Constantly changing technology requirements, ultra-high definition, cloud computing, multi-platform content delivery and the transport over IP networks are the recent trends of the Media & Entertainment markets...

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Government & Security

Government & security includes all activities in the areas of Military, Defense, Aerospace and Public Security. Challenges like big data bandwidths and strict security requirements have to be mastered...

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Real-time processing and programmable hardware are main parts of the Industrial and Automation sector. The powerful FPGA architecture of the hardware platform is able to handle high data throughput...

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Science & Research

The benefits of using FPGAs in HPC are research quality, accuracy, process accelerations and workflow efficiency. FPGAs are used in laboratories and research institutes for scientific purposes...

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