Network Packet Processing & Acceleration


The flexibility and reprogrammable nature of FPGAs are used for Network Packet Processing and Acceleration. As the industry is focusing on higher data bandwidths and higher performance, applications have to be adaptable to the constantly changing challenges in processing. FPGAs are offering a maximum performance with ultra-low latency in real-time. At the same time they are power efficient and easy in handling.

Due to its highly modular concept PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA hardware setup can be configured individually. The customer can choose from a large range of COTS boards and assemble his platform the way he needs it. In addition PRO DESIGN offers custom boards which can be adapted to the proFPGA system. The proFPGA platform is easy in handling because of its dimensions and it meets highest requirements in terms of accuracy, power efficiency, low latency and high data throughput.

Sample applications in the field of The Application of Network Packet Processing and Acceleration are:

  • Routing und Switching
  • Protocol Boosters
  • Encryption and decryption
  • Compression and error correction

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