FPGA based High Performance Computing


Using FPGAs for High Performance Computing offers the right combination of price, performance and power. FPGAs are able to keep up with constantly changing technologies, which make them more interesting for HPC users, and reach a maximum performance with a parallel processing ability.

PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA HPC platform is performing in real-time, reaches an ultra-high processing speed and is power efficient. Furthermore the system can be easily adapted to latest FPGA generations and technology standards. Every single component, such as FPGA modules, motherboards (COTS boards), interface boards, etc. can be exchanged. The combination of an older version of the motherboard and a new FPGA module is possible as well. Customer can react immediately to frequent changes. 

Sample applications in the field of FPGA based High Perormance Computing are:     

  • Data mining
  • Cloud computing
  • Scientific research
  • Data Center
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Edge and Fog Computing
  • Big Data
  • Data analytics

HPC Products Overview