proFPGA duo Motherboard


Technical highlights

  • Offering up to 16 extension sites
  • Modular with up to 2 x proFPGA FPGA Modules
  • Up to 2200 signals for I/O and inter FPGA connection
  • On board operating and host data exchange system
  • Multi motherboard connectivity support

Overview High Performance Computing Solution

The proFPGA duo Motherboard is the basis for the scalable, and modular multi FPGA solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA based High Performance Computing. It addresses customers who need platforms with maximum performance, ultra-low latency and high data throughputThe innovative system concept and technologies offer highest flexibility and reuseability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on invest.

The proFPGA duo motherboard, which is optimized to achieve highest performance, offers 16 extension sites for up to 2 proFPGA FPGA modules, standard proFPGA daughter boards or cables or customer specific application boards. Due to the fact, that multiple proFPGA quad or duo systems can be stacked or connected together, there is unlimited scalability and no theoretical maximum in capacity.

Further the motherboard provides an extensive set of features and tools, like remote system configuration over an host data exchange system running over USB, Ethernet or PCIe. Besides the it has an integrated mechanism to automatically detect all plugged proFPGA FPGA modules, and daughter board and sets the power and I/O voltage correctly, which extraordinarily simplifies the usage of the FPGA based system.

Finally the proFPGA system uses an innovative dual-stage clock generator architecture. Each proFPGA motherboard is capable of distributing up to 8 true asynchronous master beats. Each master beat may be used to derive a virtually unlimited number of clock domains inside the FPGAs. With the unique proFPGA synchronization scheme, clock domains and associated reset signals can be generated fully phase-synchronous over all FPGAs on the motherboard and over multiple motherboards.

Extension Sites

  • 16

FPGA Modules

  • up 2 proFPGA FPGA Modules

Clock Management

  • 8 clock generators

Clock Inputs

  • 2 input/HF SMA connectors

Clock Synchronization

  • multi motherboard connectivity support and global clock synchronization

Debug Interfaces

  • JTAG chain for Xilinx and Altera FPGA Modules

Host Data Exchange Interfaces

  • USB, PCIe 4Lane, Ethernet

Power Management

  • offering up to 1.2 kW for proFPGA FPGA Modules power supply

Board Detection and Power Protection

  • automatic daughter board, cable and FPGA module detection and right power setting


  • standalone usage and system control

Product article number

  • PROF002 MB-2M-4xPCIe-R1

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