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The spread of the corona virus and the necessary measures by the health authorities are also a particular challenge for our industry.

Shorter Bring-up Time at highest System Speed - PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA Cut Software simplifies and improves FPGA-based Prototyping tremendously

Munich, 03 February 2020 – PRO DESIGN, leading supplier of FPGA based prototyping systems, today launched its new proFPGA Cut software, a new design partitioning front-end tool for its popular proFPGA multi-FPGA prototyping platforms. This new tool significantly reduces the design bring-up time and still offers the tremendous system speed that proFPGA users are used to.

PRO DESIGN announces collaboration with Exostiv Labs as new Partner for its proFPGA Product Family

PRO DESIGN, a leading supplier of high-speed ASIC Prototyping and FPGA systems, announced today that Exostiv Labs will be its new partner for a debugging solution for its successful proFPGA product family.

PRO DESIGN announces collaboration with Missing Link Electronics to offer FPGA turnkey solutions

PRO DESIGN, a leading supplier of high-end FPGA systems, announced today that Missing Link Electronics (MLE) will be its new partner for IP and systems design. Together, PRO DESIGN and MLE offer FPGA turnkey solutions consisting of hardware and software for various applications such as Data Center, High Performance Computing, Autonomous Driving and others.

PRO DESIGN Launches Intel® Stratix® 10-based High-Speed Multi FPGA Solution

San Jose, 27 February 2017 – PRO DESIGN, a veteran in the E²MS and EDA industry, today announced the launch of its proFPGA quad SG 280 system, a new generation of its modular and scalable high-speed FPGA Prototyping solution based on the latest Intel® Stratix®10 FPGA technology.

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the importance of FPGAs for High Performance Computing

PRO DESIGN Expands FPGA Prototyping Portfolio with High-Speed proFPGA Virtex® UltraScale™ based FPGA Modules

Munich, 25 October 2016 – PRO DESIGN, veteran in the EMS and EDA industry, today announced the availability of five new high-speed FPGA modules for its successful and innovative proFPGA product family of FPGA based prototyping solutions.

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