The FPGA Experts

PRO DESIGN has over 15 years experience in the area of FPGA systems. The company‘s products and services include the proFPGA family of FPGA systems for High Performance Computing and ASIC Prototyping. The proFPGA system is a complete, scalable and modular single or multi-FPGA solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA based HPC. The application of FPGAs in High Performance Computing is getting more important. It offers the right combination of performance, price and power consumption. FPGAs are able to support pipeline structures and process data in parallel. This leads to a remarkable advantage towards the common graphic processing units (GPU). In addition, the reconfigurable architecture of FPGAs is used for firmware, which can be optimized for different applications. The ability to process data in parallel allows the user a high data-throughput with maximum speed.



The proFPGA product family is a complete and modular multi FPGA solution, which meets highest requirements in the area of FPGA based High Performance Computing.

The proFPGA product series consists of three types of motherboards (uno, duo, quad), different kinds of FPGA Modules (Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale™, Xilinx Virtex® 7, Xilinx Zynq™, Altera Stratix®), a set of interconnection boards/cables, and various daughter boards like DDR3/DDR4 memory boards or high speed interface boards like PCIe, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

It addresses customers who need platforms with maximum performance, ultra-low latency and high data throughput. The innovative system concept and technologies offer highest flexibility and reuseability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on invest.

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